Davenport University

Margaret D. Sneden Library and Information Commons (LINC).

The LINC supports the learning and research needs for Davenport University's entire campus community:  faculty, staff, and students, online and in-seat.  A combined collection of approximately 100,000 items includes books, reference volumes, periodicals and newspapers, videos, DVDs, and special collections, supported by numerous research databases for articles, company information, marketing and financial data, health and legal case studies, biographies, literary criticism, and much more.

MEDF grant:  $1 million



Robert W. Sneden Center.  Opened in 2010, the campus's newest building contains university executive offices, classrooms and faculty offices, and a 225-seat auditorium.

MEDF grant:  $2.5 million


MEDF has also funded endowments which have helped establish the Wynalda Teaching and Learning Institute and the Mabel Engle School of Nursing.  In the Davenport University Fund, several family-named scholarships have received more than one million dollars in MEDF contributions, including the M.E. Davenport Family Scholarship, the Robert & Margaret Sneden Student Aid Fund, and the Jenny Engle Nursing Scholarship.