The M.E. Davenport Foundation is a private, independent foundation that pursues the core values of Michael Edward Davenport, founder of what is now Davenport University.  Davenport strongly believed in and encouraged individual empowerment and civic engagement, commitments exemplified by the motto he originated:  “Make a Living…Make a Life…Make a Contribution.”

The M.E. Davenport Foundation is not operationally affiliated with Davenport University or the Davenport University Foundation scholarship endowment.  We are located in the historic Heritage Hill district of Grand Rapids, Michigan.


We invite you to browse the website to learn more about our mission and policies.



In order to continuously develop our mission as funders, M.E. Davenport Foundation is engaged in an interim of strategic planning. This may affect the processing timetable for grant applications submitted during the next several months.  You may continue to submit requests via our website, but evaluation and response times may be slower.  Please watch this space for further details for continued opportunities for grantseeking!


Board of Directors

Marcia Sneden, President

Mary Sullivan, Secretary/Treasurer

William Sullivan, Trustee

Caitlin Feeley, Trustee

Rob Sullivan, Trustee


433 East Fulton St.       Grand Rapids, MI.  49503       (906) 249-9410